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Why skip trace with REISkip?

Why skip trace with REISkip?

Maybe you’ve asked…

“Why does it take hours, or even days to get my list back?”

Maybe you’ve even wasted your hard-earned money cold calling bad phone numbers.

No more.

Revamped with our own proprietary “triangulation” method for finding homeowners, REISkip is now the only skip tracing engine that gives you the same powerful people finding ability that was once available only to elite bail bondsmen, private investigators, and FBI Agents.

Using secrets known only to the pros, REISkip 2.0’s new dynamic matching protocol will shred your research time and 10X your profits.

We call it STT - Skip Trace Triangulation Technology.

Our Process

The truth is, most skip tracing companies are simply reselling phone numbers from only one of the big data companies.

“What if we merged the best data from the best companies in the world... then add secrets I learned from the world’s top investigators?

Now imagine if you had a way to get the best numbers from ALL the great data companies.

On your own, this would be nearly impossible and not worth the time it would take you away from growing your business.

So, REISkip does just that (buys data from all the great data companies so you don’t have to), and a WHOLE lot more….

Our mission to provide you the best numbers possible doesn’t stop there….

We scour deep-web indexes for numbers and relationships to add to your list.

Finally, we use our proprietary STT technology to pick the top phone numbers from the data we buy and the data we found.

There’s some advanced machine learning gobbly-gook we left out, but you get the picture.

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