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Why skip trace with REISkip?

Why skip trace with REISkip?

Maybe you’ve asked…

“What is real estate skip tracing anyway?”

The term gets tossed around a lot at real estate investor conferences and REIA meetups.

Keep reading to learn what it really means and why you should care…


First, you don’t technically skip trace real estate.

Skip Tracing is the process of locating a person who isn't readily accessible.

In real estate, that means finding a property owner’s contact information so you can get in touch with them to do business.

Since investors and real estate wholesalers often target vacant or absentee owned homes, it can be difficult to make contact with the responsible party.

Obviously, knocking on the door of a vacant house is pointless! And sending mail directly to the subject property is likely to land with a tenant rather than the person who owns the property, if it’s a rental.

By skip tracing the owner, you can determine their mailing address, as well as get their phone number and email address. With REISkip, you’ll even get their social media handles.

*We are the only skip trace service in the real estate industry that provides this important data point.


A word about our Skip Tracing process–and why it’s different from other systems you may have considered.

REISkip 2.0’s new dynamic matching protocol will shred your research time and 10X your profits.

We call it STT - Skip Trace Triangulation Technology.

The truth is, most skip tracing companies are simply reselling phone numbers from only one of the big data companies.

But imagine if you had a way to get the best numbers from ALL the great data companies.

What if you could merge the best data from the best companies in the world... then add some of the sleuthing secrets of the world’s top investigators?

On your own, this would be nearly impossible–and it wouldn’t be worth taking time away from growing your wholesale real estate business.

But that is precisely what is “under the hood” of the REISKip platform.


Whether you are a mortgage broker, a solar installer, or a process server,  you know that having good homeowner contact information is valuable –but especially if you are wholesaling real estate.

A wholesalers’ super power is his/her ability to find off-market investment opportunities. These are often distressed situations where homeowners need help, but they want that help to come discreetly. So having tools to track down hard-to-find homeowners like this is mission-critical.

If you want to make a living wholesaling real estate, you’ll have to get good at a few key activities:

(i) Identifying distressed situations

(ii) Consistently marketing your services to homeowners

(iii) Cultivating relationships with cash buyers who will buy your deals.

One of the things that makes REISKip so powerful is that we can help you with all three.

Our list builder allows you to mix and match filters to find homeowners who will be receptive to your marketing message.

Lastly, our platform gives you the ability to find the investors and house flippers who will buy your wholesale deals. Simply open the List Builder and select the “Cash Buyer” filter and the system will scour our data warehouse for home purchases that were completed as cash transactions. We flag them for you and deliver a tidy list of your future business partners.

With REISkip, real estate wholesaling becomes less about the drudgery of scouring public records for leads, and more about coming up with solutions to help people who need a creative solution to a financial challenge.

Thanks to the powerful technology inside this platform, investors, agents and brokers (and others) can easily fill your sales funnel with the best prospects in your market.

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