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Social Skip Tracing goes beyond phone and email

Ready to learn how to reach motivated sellers that are ignoring your cold calls?

This is Dumbledore level wizardry — so, we have an ask — do you pinky swear that you will use your new powers for good?

It’s no secret that it has gotten very hard to reach homeowners using traditional marketing. Cold calls are getting tagged as ‘spam’ and you have to be surgical with the language in your text campaigns or risk being shut out by the cell phone carriers.

In this market you’ve got to be omni-channel and give yourself multiple shots on goal.

Here’s how we’re helping you do just that.

REISkip provides Social Skip Tracing. That means in addition to phone numbers and emails you get Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn handles for your prospects.

No other REI app offers this powerful feature... and for a limited time, social media handles are available with all skip traces at no extra charge.

Now, you can skip trace and with a couple of clicks, slide into your prospect’s DMs!

But let’s go deeper. Let me show you exactly how to wield this shiny new magic wand. Here are best practices for using our new Social Skip feature to land more deals:

1. Be visible in public before contacting them in private.

Like a post. Leave a comment. THEN shoot your shot in the DM. You’ll double your response rate.


If you don’t know that is, it stands for Open Source Intelligence Gathering. It’s the way spies gather most of their info on a target. You can do the same thing. Swiping through pics will give you tons of insight about their life and what matters most to them.

3. Give First.

Make sure you offer value before making a pitch. Got an ebook they’d like? Maybe a free online tool they’d benefit from? Offer that FIRST. Build relationship. Then make your ask.

This is an open lane. And if you do it right, you can reach prospects in the one channel where they’re NOT being bombarded by other wholesalers (yet).

Open your free REISkip account today and use social skipping to go omni-channel with your marketing.

No other REI app offers this powerful feature. And for a limited time, we’re making social media handles available with all skip traces at no extra charge. Give yourself an edge. Get started now.

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